Mad Run is an isometric infinite runner game based on popular UK influencer Stevo the Mad Man, who approached us with a game concept that he wanted Dreamrandom to develop. The game had a targeted audience being his fans which meant those who follow Stevo should enjoy the game and recognise the assets and obstacles, while newcomers should also be interested as well.

The idea was simple. Stevo told us he always avoided his wife's unseasoned chicken nuggets so we decided to factor this well known trait into a game idea where Stevo runs to avoid eating nuggets, all while being chased by his angry dog Missy. Players compete for high scores - via leaderboards - and can purchase playable characters such as his 2 daughter's and his crazy friend Nigel.

The game features include a monetisation model with in-game currency and IAP store support for purchases, controls with swipe gestures, smart random level generator, obstacle wake behaviours, sprite based animations, gameplay balancing and developing and releasing future app updates.

Ever since it's launch in September 2018, Mad Run has been skyrocketing on the UK charts, ranking #1 in the arcade games section and peaking at #2 in all apps right behind the hit Wind Rider from Voodoo. Stevo's Mad Run is also ranked Top 100 in five other countries as well. Apple had also featured the game in multiple countries including Canada, Japan, China, Russia, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Singapore, and the Netherlands.