Foyzul Hassan

Digital Artist

A small selection of ideas from my time working with Orange, now part of EE. The research was to 'gamify' the main companion app for Orange customers, such as maybe presenting information in a exciting new way, navigating or selecting options differntly, or simplifying things by putting more empahasis on feattures and functions that matter.

So from left to right:

1. Monthly breakdown of an Orange customers' usage data, represented with a recomended plan they should consider based on each months usage. After a year, or even a few months, you would get an overview that could reveal to you your usage habits that may influence your next contract when it's time to update.

2. Tailor a contract and type of phone you want, with each option influencing each other so you know exactly what you're paying for and what you'll get with it.

3. 'Magic Numbers' was a feature similar to having favourite contacts; this particular idea represents who called who the most from your list of favourites. The arrors increase and decrease in size to emphasise information in a quick glance.

Above: Contacts app that simplifies, but at the same time, adds new functionalities to an existing feature of every phone.

Above: Social media-style cinema app, which could be implemented in an exiting cinema app. From left to righ; View films and how many of your contacts like the same film and want to see it, notifications of a recent activity, and notifications screen of recent events.

Above: A game-like design of how a travel app could look if travel times were presented like a racing of which transport was arriving sooner.

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